Providing you with peace of mind

Our team specialise in setting up and operating our machines, with a range of expertise in the software that they are handling, making a point of giving your day something truly special and unique. Available for weddings, corporate events, brand/glam/modelling promotions and more. We work alongside brands as well as individuals that are looking to bring their vision to life.
We provide a variety of accessories to help tie the event together such as: red carpet, red rope stachilion poles, dimmable studio lights, props and masks. Not to mention that the base on all of our 360º booths comes with state of the are art LED lighting, delivering a wide range of colours to match in with your theme.
We thrive at redefining your experience in events entertainment. Bringing a multitude of key elements to the table, that will turn your day into a spectacular one. When it's time for you to party. We make sure to bring our A game. We understand the importance of corporate events are when networking your business further.
When it comes to the your big day, the one thing that you value most in this excitingly stressful time is for the people involved in your big day be onboard with you, and deliver you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on doing our part on the big day so that the wedding party will never have to worry. Our setup/takedown and delivery of service are always met to the highest of standards with a high value in customer service. Our process is hassle-free and we ensure to deliver unforgettable moments.
Whatever the project may be, whether its launching a new company, a product that needs modelled or something more obscure, you’ll know your vision more than anyone and if we can assist in driving this vision into a reality, we will ensure that you’re equipped with the best equipment and have the operating skills of our technicians on-hand to achieve this. Having the combined skillset of our own editors  and graphic designers allow us to brand your videos if needed. 
Had something a little bit different in mind? Chat with us and let us take a look at what custom-made experience can be for yourself and your project, not everyone is after the same experience and at M.arte Studios, that is something that we whole-heartedly respect from clients. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we’re a good fit for your project.

• Introductory call, consultation call, and one last follow up before the wedding
• Deluxe 360º platform 
• Ring-light lighting 
• Instantly share to others 
• Dimmable studio lighting 
• Video technician on standby 
• Instant sharing 
• Delivery, set-up & takedown 

Add-ons are welcome to any package deal and can be discussed during consultation
360 Photo Booth Hire 
Our booths come in two different sizes

 3–4 People | 90x90cm: Nice and compact for your venue, keeping the social space free and having the booth in a smaller area, sometimes bigger is not always better… but only sometimes. 
4–6 People | 119x119cm: Perfect for keeping things nice and spacious for your guests, More elbow-room means more movement. 

With cutting edge technology and machinery, proficient technicians and software engineers behind us, we are proud to be one of the first few in the UK that is leading our industry 360 video booths.